My Work Week (Tuesday): Work Life Balance for Independent Publishers

This is a continuation of my blog series of a week in the life of an Authorpreneur and Independent Publisher. For more context read what happened Monday.

Tuesday Plans

Today I have another marketing meeting with Iesha Shaw. The biggest thing I need to do now is make sure those graphics are done and get that Facebook Review Team created.

Tuesday Check-In

I started off my day when I checked my email. Mike Thompson from the Michigan Banner had already emailed a draft of our interview for me to go over and add any corrections. Everything looked good except just dotting I’s and crossing some T’s.

I did get gorgeous graphics created for Iesha’s Facebook Review Team. I created the review team and we had our meeting. I went over what a review team is with her. The advanced reader copy is just for the people in the group and they’re going to receive a link I deliver (instead of a service like BookSprout) because her graphics require a lot more memory. Her full color, illustrated manuscript file is larger than a novel, so it can’t just be simply emailed. 

To solve this issue I created a link in a flipbook called Heyzine. Heyzine is awesome because it allows you to upload your PDF file and it turns it into a flipbook that is accessible through a link. Now Iesha’s reviewers can just click that link and flip through her illustrated children’s ebook in order to read the book and review it. I explained to her how that was all going to work. 

Then I instructed her to go back to a video that we did together while I was interviewing her at Christmas time, because she has a holiday bear book called The Bear Family’s Fabulous Christmas. When I interviewed her to promote it during Christmas she had nearly 900 views. And she had many people congratulating her and giving her lots of feedback and engagement. So I encouraged her to go back and look in the comments. I instructed her to reply to anyone who gave her any sort of engagement and invite them into our advanced reader copy/ book review team. She also invited anyone who gave her engagement on Facebook when we did the cover reveal for her most recent children’s book as well.

We do have a review team number in mind. I’m hoping to add between 25 to 50 members to the group. That should give us a good amount of reviews for the launch week. 

Tuesday Evening

Tuesday’s work day is apparently stretching out into the evening. I’m launching a book marketing course soon and preparing for it. If you’d like to grab my Free Golden Book Marketing Roadmap you can pick it up now. 

What I wanted to do to prepare for the course was make sure that the marketing techniques I plan on teaching for book marketing were compatible with what my clients and others really want. I decided to do this by interviewing one of my clients in particular who told me she wanted to learn more about book marketing. I gave her a call to schedule a Q&A session so I could pick her brain and make sure that I’m not only covering what I want to teach, but the topics that she and others want to learn as well. 

The client, author Tabatha J. Jones, has a poetry book called Musings: The Joy’s Joy. Tabatha has enjoyed lots of sales from her book. She performs a lot of spoken word poetry. And that has really gone into her favor. Now she’s wanting to expand her marketing further. And I completely understand. I know a number of other writers who are wanting to go further than their inner circle or whatever platform they’ve been using to sell books. We made a plan to speak soon and I’m definitely looking forward to that this week.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk about Wednesday, hump day. That’s when my work-life balance really gets tested.

Let me know in the comments if you have questions on some of these book marketing terms and if you’d like me to go deeper in teaching about any of them. Talk to you later GEMS.

If you’d like to hear some offline book marketing strategies, check out this episode with author D.M. Foley as she gives us her “boots on the ground” book marketing plan.

And hear how my full Authorpreneur/Indie Publisher work week went on this episode.

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