My Work Week (Monday): Work Life Balance for Independent Publishers

This is going to be a blog series of a week in the life of an authorpreneur. And we’re going to see how I fit in that work-life balance, which I know is an issue for many entrepreneurs, and I am no exception.

Let me break down for you everything that I have going on this week, Monday through Saturday.

This week is going to be a hectic week. I already know it because I have zoom meetings scheduled just about every day with someone.

First of all, my client, Iesha Shaw is releasing a children’s book called The Bear Family Vacation. We know children, with the weather and all, families are looking forward to a vacation and dreaming about some sun. So, this book is definitely coming out at a time when it’s needed.

I want her book to launch into the atmosphere in the best way possible. Because of this, we are creating a review team for her books. We’ll be meeting about that and her other marketing needs. We’ll also be discussing ideas that I have.

Also, I have a minister client, Minister Evans who reached out to me for Book two in her series from her first book, which is called Can I Get a Witness? and I’ll be working with her on that at the same time.

Now launches tend to be pretty hectic. I know because I’m just coming off of a launch myself for the GEMS, Godly Entrepreneurs and Marketers magazine for indie writers. That went awesome. You can check the magazine out over on Amazon.

Because of the launch of GEMS magazine, it got the attention of a former news reporter from my hometown. Now he works for a magazine called the Michigan Banner and he wants to interview me Monday. So, I already know there’s so much going on. So much excitement! And I’m really looking forward to that.

Monday Plans.

The first thing I need to do today is finish up all the fine details of publishing Iesha Shaw’s book, The Bear Family Vacation, on both Ingram Spark and KDP. We’ve chosen to go with Ingram Spark and KDP for the paperback because with Ingram Spark, she can have a wider distribution.

We talked about that in the GEMS magazine with author Lynessa Layne. She explained how she has her books in indie bookstores, and in airports and the steps to do that. If you want to learn more about wider distribution, check that out.

Now before publishing, I want to make sure that Iesha’s back matter is changed. Because typically people do ask for reviews at the back matter in novels, but I’ve come to realize that it’s okay to put it in a children’s book too. That is part of our overall marketing plan as well. That’s the marketing of our product. So, let’s see how it goes.

Monday Check In.

I was able to get that back matter changed and get everything submitted in a timely manner. Now we’re just waiting on the approval from (KDP) Kindle Direct Publishing and Ingram Spark.

The afternoon has been so exciting. I received a phone call from Mike Thompson from the Michigan Banner and he interviewed me. It was really exciting because he’s known me since I was a child. He’s always been a community activist.

Some of the things about me he didn’t know like, how I was in school. I kind of gave him a rundown of Poor Little Mixed Girl (part one in my series). And then he really felt like I had made it and overcome some challenges. I had a lot of ADHD growing up, and to put out a magazine and to become a publisher and an author, I had to overcome some big internal obstacles. He was pretty excited about that for me. He’s writing that up in the magazine and he’s going to send me the draft soon. I can’t wait for that.

I had my marketing meeting with Iesha about our upcoming book launch, and we went over her book launch plan and some of her overall marketing goals.

Then we selected her brand colors, which was really fun. We did that using hex color codes. I saved those in Canva so that she could always be consistent with her branding. After that, we talked about setting up the launch team. I’m going to be building some graphics for that for a Facebook Launch/Review/Advanced Reader Copy Team.

After my meeting with Iesha ended, I received a phone call from a client for whom I published a book for “all about building a fashion boutique store.” She’s ready to write her book two as well.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk about Tuesday.

Let me know in the comments if you have questions on some of these book marketing terms and if you’d like me to go deeper in teaching about any of them. Talk to you later GEMS.

To hear the full week NOW, check out the Dropping GEMS with LaMonique Mac Podcast.

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