I help Christian women, ministers and entrepreneurs

(who want to help others overcome an obstacle),

get their books out of their heart and mind and into a sellable format.

I do that by teaching them how to WRITE, PUBLISH, and MARKET their books.


Step by step fiction and nonfiction outline instruction.


Learn how to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing with video instruction.

Book Marketing

Marketing and promotions doesn’t have to remain a book mystery.

LaMonique Mac is an Amazon Best Selling Author and a Publisher.

She has published over 20 books and multiple clients through her company Southern Women Publishing. It is her mission to empower God’s Scribes.

She does that by helping them get their books out of their hearts and minds and into a sellable format through book publishing, courses, the Godly Entrepreneurs and Marketers (GEMS) Magazine, and Dropping GEMS: The Authorpreneurship Podcast.

Godly Entrepreneurs & Marketers (GEMS). Tune in weekly to pick up your gems for business, authorship, and marketing.

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